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Black Opal, in 2016, acquired the specific assets of valuable beef and lamb producer in Brazil. This gave Black Opal twelve (12) years of rich history, especially in upscale lamb and beef and also access to over 6,000 clients in Brazil.


Our two strategic partners have been in the business of providing the highest quality lamb since the early 80’s. Black Opal’s strategic partners use the last technologies and the best crew allowing Black Opal to import and distribute the finest lamb in Brazil and export to various points on the world stage.


Highest Quality

Every step of the Black Opal product is controlled and supervised in detail to ensure an excellent quality. Hygiene is a rigorous part of it, and our partners are constantly monitoring that everybody and everything is meeting the world accepted quality control process.


Traceability is another very important aspect that differentiates Uruguay from other countries. This generates confidence and transparency on every movement during the productive process of the animals.


Brief History of Uruguay the County

Uruguay is a country dedicated primarily to agricultural activity. By having a mild climate with rainfall throughout the year and very fertile lands, it is a suitable country to activities and the end result is high quality Beef and lamb.


American Indians were the original inhabitants of Uruguay. Almost all of them were eventually killed by the early settlers or died of diseases brought by them. Spanish and Portuguese forces fought for over Uruguay during the 1700's, and Brazil later tried to dominate the country. In 1828, Uruguay became an independent republic. During the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's economic decline brought about a period of unrest and military rule.



Montevideo is Uruguay's capital city. Here is where most of the people lives, indeed, almost a 50% of Uruguayan population lives here. You can find lovely beaches, historic places and buildings, and lots of other stuff.


Colonia and Salto 

Black Opal’s production comes out of Colonia is a very important city in terms of history, here, is where all the battles where planed as it is very well located, next to "Rio Uruguay", and with exit to the River Plate, which gave the army access both to Argentina and Brasil. 


Salto a city in northwestern Uruguay, bordering Argentina on the Uruguay River. In the center, Calle Uruguay is a lively shopping street lined with cafes. On Plaza Artigas, the Cathedral San Juan Bautista houses oil paintings and a 1939 vintage Hammond organ. Close by is the 19th-century Larrañaga Theater. Southeast of Salto, the area of Termas del Daymán has natural hot springs and public outdoor pools and spas. Again, allowing for excellent access to both Brazil and Argentina.