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Josh Summers

Vice President of Investor Relations & Director of International Sales

Josh Summers serves as Vice President of Investor Relations & Director of International Sales . Mr. Summers is a polished Senior Business executive with over 24 years of professional cross-functional leadership & operational expertise. Amended Offering a keen business peripheral vision, with extensive experience in product knowledge, global relationships, due diligence, financial controls/analysis, risk management, training and human resources. Strong work ethics, communication and executive leadership. He has held the title of Senior Vice President in Trammel Crowe, Riverstone and Ambling Companies.


Mr. Summers has intimate knowledge of the cattle business as he spent his early career working on his family’s farm where they maintained nearly 1,000 cattle on a 2,500-acre farm in the panhandle of Florida, spanning over 4 generations. The types of cattle included Angus and Brahma, where he learned how to analyze weight production and sales for both breeds. The diverse topography and food sourcing allowed Mr. Summers to understand the impact of geographical climates as it relates to cattle breeding, production, and price point. In addition, Mr. Summers had the unique opportunity to learn about soil management, the foundation of farming. His Grandfather taught him how the water and appropriate nutrients to the crops supported a healthy, grass fed solution to the cattle. Mr. Summers discovered very quickly that the goal of soil management was to enhance its performance, allowing the family to farm profitably and preserve environmental quality for generations to this day. Mr. Summers graduated from Florida State University with BS in Business in 1997.