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Exclusive Processing

Our beef and lamb is processed and packed to the highest internationally quality standards. Our people ensure the highest quality controls in our processing facilities combined with excellent logistics.


Black Opal produces premium beef and lamb that utilizes the highest quality standards of marbling, maturity and sanitary processes; consistent sizing; quality appearance and tenderness. 


  • We additionally, process premium beef and lamb that is produced to both Halal and Kosher specification. Furthermore, we offer our beef and lamb cut, packaged and exported to the specifications of the importer(s). 
  • Our beef cuts include: Back Ribs, Beef for Stew, Brisket, Chuck Roast, Filet Mignon, Flank Steak, Flat Iron, Ground Beef, Prime Rib, Ribeye Steak, Sirloin Steak, Skirt Steak, Strip Steak,     T-bone Steak, Tenderloin Roast, Top Round Roast, Tri-tip Roast, Rump Cover, and other specialty cuts. 
  • Our lamb products include: Rack of Lamb, Swiss Loin, Backstrap Fillet, Frenched Rack, Tenderloin, Saddle of Lamb, Hindshanks, Rosettes, Foreshanks, Neck Fillets, Denuded Rump,  Double Chops,Best-end Leg Steak, Shank-end Leg, Boneless Flap, Carvery Leg, French Leg, Boneless Leg, Short-cut Leg, tunnel-boned Leg, Picnic Shoulder, Square Cut Shoulder and the Oyster Shouder and other speciality cuts.





The Certified Angus Beef  we produce has the following requirements:


  • Marbling and Maturity: Modest or higher marbling; Medium or fine marbling texture.
  • Consistent Sizing: 25 to 40 square centimeters ribeye area; 250 kilogram hot carcass weight or less, and; More than 4 millimeters and less than 25 millimeters fat thickness.
  • Quality Appearance and Tenderness: Minimum of 50% Angus; Superior muscling; Practically free of capillary ruptures; No dark cutters, and; No neck hump exceeding 50 millimeters.
  • Black Opal is sells its premium beef to the core Brazilian markets and key export markets. Black Opal's export volumes thereafter are expected to increase very rapidly to over 5,500 metric tons/year.




We offer Halal Certified beef and lamb products. Food is considered Halal (allowed for consumption) when obtained in accordance with the rules of The Holy Al Quran and the Islamic Jurisprudence. The Sharia prohibits the consumption of all types of genetically modified foods, along with mineral products and toxic chemicals that threatens human health. 


  • For the meat products, slaughter must follow the Halal ritual procedure. It is not allowed to slaughter animals such as pigs, dogs, animals which have fangs, pests and predator birds. 
  • The Halal slaughter must be done separately from the non Halal procedure, and must be carried out by a Muslim that is aware of the fundamentals of Halal slaughter.





We offer Kosher certified beef, lamb  and other fine food products. Kosher is the definition given to food when prepared according to Jewish Laws. 


  • The Torah demands that cattle, lamb and chicken must be slaughtered under these laws in a ritual named Shechita.
  • Only a trained person, the Shochet is able to carry out this ritual. As special prayer, Beracha is done before the Shechita.