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Dr. Milton Pedroso

The Animal Health Manager of the Black Opal

Dr. Milton Pedroso is the Animal Health Manager of the Black Opal. He is responsible of designing the sanitary protocols and executing the daily activities of the company.


His prior experience includes working as a veterinary surgeon in the company Assessoria Agropecuária Marcon from January 2009 to April 2012. His expertise included the administration of rural properties; consulting and technical assistance, management of pastures; and training of teams to work in the fields. In the Bovine traceability area, he enabled rural properties to export beef to the European Union. Dr. Pedroso also worked as a Technical Field Supervisor for the company Planejar informática certificação Ltda. He currently works independently, providing technical assistance and advice on rural properties in the region of Bagé, Dom Pedrito, Santana do Livramento, Alegrete and Uruguay, specializing in health management, pasture management, cost control, diagnosis of pregnant through ultrasonography, follicular control and production systems.


He has also partnered with a team of veterinarians to provide technical services, focused on reproduction, based on IATF (Inseminação Artificial em Tempo Fixo) with experience in more than 10,000 registered and inseminated cows. He is proud to be the fifth generation in his family that dedicates their lives in to this business.


Dr. Pedroso graduated from Universidade da Região da Campanha de Bagé (URCAMP), with a title in Veterinary medicine in 2008. His obtained his post graduate Studies in Forage Production from the same University, before obtaining a Post graduate degree in Breeding and Beef production from the Instituto Qualittas de  Porto Alegre.