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    Aug 2016


    BLACK OPAL GENETICS WIN AT PALERMOBuenos Aires, Argentina, August 1, 2016: The 150° Exposicion Rural de Palermo took place from July 28 to August 1, 2016, in the 12 hectare fairground, in downtown Buenos Aires. This exhibition is considered to be one of the largest and most traditional events in the agribusiness category in the world. It prides itself in bringing together the latest technology in agribusiness, as well as the very best purebred livestock genetics in the county.


    This year, Black Opal genetics were well represented at the Exposicion Rural de Palermo. Cattle of the founders received several prizes including Grand Champion female, Junior Champion female, and several class and group winners.


    Jay Ewald, CEO of Black Opal said of the Exposicion Rural “I am very impressed with the quality of the cattle and the amount of purebred cattle exhibitors and public participating this year. This event is one of its kind and we are proud to be part of it”.


    The breeding program of Black Opal is market-driven, as the genetics are chosen based on the specific needs of the end-users. The key to having quality meat, is to start with the right genetics. Matings are designed using the most advanced genomic (genotyping and sequencing of the DNA) performance testing and indexes in the world to improve quality, predictability and profitability.


    In the picture, Lynn Ewald, Director of Cattle Genetics of Black Opal, showing the prized animals.


    Black Opal Holdings is a diversified investment organization implementing focused investment strategies in agriculture in the Americas. The firm is regarded for deeply entrenched capabilities in purebred beef cattle business and thoroughbreds; a unique understanding and contacts in premium beef processing and marketing; and an embedded knowledge in South America.