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About us

The Black Opal Group is a diversified organization implementing focused investment and management strategies in agriculture in the Americas. The group is regarded for its strong team, culture, broad perspectives, and core competencies. These include deeply entrenched capabilities in purebred beef, lamb and cattle business; a unique understanding and relationships in premium beef and lamb sector and has embedded knowledge of the global market.
Black Opal is a fine food company in South America, specializing in premium beef, premium Lamb and other unique high quality products. The company maximizes value by developing successful, economically viable and environmentally sustainable food products.


Black Opal capitalizes on high quality, premium beef and lamb; with a highly efficient import and export team and the highest quality genetics and superior farm management. The company leverages human resources, financial expertise, the highest quality genetics and framing knowhow, developing a system that improves the land concurrent with the production of cattle and lamb. The end result is profitable enterprise, while creating a system that protects and balances the needs of the ecosystem and builds resiliency through responsible farming practices.


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