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About us

Black Opal is an elite genetic and cattle operation based in Bagé in state of Rio Grande do Sul. Black Opal. The timing has existed has existed for over a decade, however in late 2014 the Black Opal began to focus on glaring gap in the Brazil market in 2014 and continues to be present for the foreseeable future to profitably enter Brazil, producing breeding and marketing high quality cattle (not commodity cattle as the country is marketing now) for the domestic and international markets, while converting a highly fragmented value chain into economic gains and leveraging:


  • Strong premium beef demand and low supply (The U.S. cow herd size is the lowest in 50 years)
  • High premium beef export prices, which Brazilian producers and exporters are not addressing
  • Devaluation of Brazilian Reais (BRL) and high asset value appreciation
  • Sound financial returns (low production costs, ideal climate, undervalued land and assets)
  • Exclusive superior genomic tested genetics addressing important traits for premium beef
  • Allied Producer Program increase volume without additional investment in land and buildings
  • Powerful brand and connections with buyers
  • Qualified international team with South American experience


The founders of Black Opal have successfully developed, acquired, synergized and created value in an alternative asset class. For the past 125 years, the group has been in the beef cattle business. The seasoned team of 4th generation farmers/ranchers has international and local know-how and experience in production agriculture, agribusiness, marketing/distribution and finance. The group established beef value chains in the United States and Argentina; Leveraging on the success of on-going purebred beef cattle business now Black Opal is now duplicating the same strategy in Brazil.


Black Opal has established their operations in the municipality of Bagé in state of Rio Grande do Sul, after a significant investment by the shareholders. Black Opal raises and produces super premium Angus Cattle and Super premium pure Angus genetics for the international markets. The enterprises include exporting and marketing of premium beef products and the breeding of elite Angus purebred cattle. Farms have been leased, breeding cattle have been bought and inseminated with our elite genetics; and the business plan is being executed; and farmland, processing facilities and all other assets have been identified and are ready for acquisition to develop our operations in Brazil. The group leverages its experience and expertise in developing a system that improves and simplifies the beef value chain. The end result is profitable, while creating a system that protects and balances the needs of the ecosystem and builds resiliency through responsible beef practices.