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Welcome to Black Opal Group

The Black Opal Group is a diversified organization implementing focused investment and management strategies in agriculture in the Americas. The group is regarded for its strong team, culture, broad perspectives, and core competencies. These include deeply entrenched capabilities in purebred beef, lamb and cattle business; a unique understanding and relationships in premium beef and lamb sector and has embedded knowledge of the global market. Black Opal is a fine food company in South America, specializing in premium beef, premium Lamb and other unique high quality products. The company maximizes value by developing successful, economically viable and environmentally sustainable food products.
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Angus Genetics

The breeding program of Black Opal is market-driven, as the genetics are chosen based on the specific needs of the end-users. The key to having quality meat, is to start with the right genetics. Matings are designed using the most advanced genomic (genotyping and sequencing of the DNA) performance testing and indexes in the world to improve quality, predictability and profitability.
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Angus Beef

Black Opal Angus Beef complies with the highest standards of any Angus Beef Programs and the highest international quality standards including: marbling and maturity; consistent sizing; and quality appearance and tenderness.
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Black Opal is dedicated to the breeding, raising and marketing of exceptional Thoroughbreds that will compete for their new owners. The farm’s mission is to breed world class breeding stock and proven winners. The company is internationally driven with offices in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, United States and UAE.
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The Team

The key Managment Team