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Black Opal has established their operations in the municipality of Bagé in state of Rio Grande do Sul, after a significant investment by the shareholders. Black Opal's management have successfully developed, acquired, synergized and created value in an alternative asset class. For the past 125 years, the group has been in the beef cattle business. The seasoned team of 4th generation farmers/ranchers has international and local know-how and experience in production agriculture, agribusiness, marketing/distribution and finance. The group established beef value chains in the United States and Argentina; Leveraging on the success of on-going purebred beef cattle business; Black Opal is now duplicating the same strategy in Brazil.
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Angus Genetics

The breeding program of Black Opal is market-driven, as the genetics are chosen based on the specific needs of the end-users. The key to having quality meat, is to start with the right genetics. Matings are designed using the most advanced genomic (genotyping and sequencing of the DNA) performance testing and indexes in the world to improve quality, predictability and profitability.
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Angus Beef

Black Opal Angus Cattle exceeds the highest standards of any Angus Beef Programs and the highest international quality standards including: marbling and maturity; consistent sizing; and quality appearance and tenderness.
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Black Opal discontinued its thoroughbred breeding and racing operations in Brazil at the end of 2019. The Company’s mission, in thoroughbreds, was to breed world class breeding stock and proven winners; however the board of directors took a view that thoroughbred business is not an industry that for reputational reasons felt comfortable with and viewed it as inconsistent with the values of the Company and Managements new vision for the for the Company.
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The Team

The key Managment Team